In this episode of Feed Your Mountain Obsession, the official podcast of the Global Mountain Tribe, Spence is joining by his fiance, Jenna, in a conversation with legendary explorer, Bruce Kirkby. Bruce's adventures span many decades and include the first descent of the Blue Nile River, the first crossing of the Empty Quarter on Camels, vast Mongolia horse travels, 22 summers guiding in the Yukon and taking his young family from BC to India via every method, but planes. The latter was filmed for the Travel channel with 9 episodes entitled My Big Crazy Family Adventure. Bruce has authored 2 books including the international recognized 'The Dolphin's Tooth'. Bruce has been part of NatGeo expeditions and written for such outlets as Outside Magazine and the Globe and Mail. Discussions include the CANOL trail, adventuring with children, Instagram, long range horse adventures with a newborn and drastically changing course after university for a lifetime of adventure. More on Bruce can be found at Follow Mountain Obsession on Instagram!

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