Welcome to our special edition series, Spirit Animal Explorer, 21st Century Personal Development Through Animal Energies, Interactions and Awarenesses, presented on the Feed Your Mountain Obsession podcast channel. On each episode of Spirit Animal Explorer, Mountain Obsession founder Spence chats with world renowned experts, guides, scientists, conservationists, shamans, adventurers and explorers to give you the tips, tools and tactics to integrate the power of animals into your life. Mountain Obsession truly believes that one of the most powerful paths of personal development is through spirit animals, wildlife interactions and by receiving animal awarenesses.

On this episode, Spence chats with an intuitive guide and animal educator named Laura Lassiter. Laura has worked with thousands of animals including spending time as a Big Cat communicator at the world's foremost wildcat rescue facility. She works with dozens of modalities to enhance her work with physical and spirit animals. Discussions include mountain lion powers, bobcat wisdom, energy grids, raising children, finding the source and how to continue to grow your spirit animal practice. Find out more about Laura at www.lauralassiter.com!

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