In this episode of Feed Your #MountainObsession, Spence takes the podcast to the shores of Barrier Lake, Alberta to discuss 5 ways to challenge your outdoor perspective. As the rebranded mission of Mountain Obsession is to inspire unique outdoor perspectives, this is the perfect kick-off episode. Global Mountain Tribe Members (GMTs) are human - duh! - so we can often fall into the trap of perceiving, receiving and knowing nature and the outdoors in a set way. The way it has always been - the way we have been raised, trained and exposed. We often have built up limitations around what energy we can be and receive from the Great Outdoors. From discussing the perils of Instagramming everything to Tree Release Activation (TRA) and striking out on your first solo adventure, there is a nugget for every GMT member in this episode. Please share, write a review and send Spence an email at Of course, Think Outside. No Box Needed.

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